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  1. SEG Cares Pop Socket SEGIS139

    The Pop Socket is designed to enhance your grip on your smartphone, so that taking selfies, texting...

    $1.75 Each

  2. Ari Bluetooth Speaker SEGIS159

    Arietta is a wireless speaker with Bluetooth® wireless technology that can be paired to your phone...

    $30.00 Each

  3. SEG Cares 2200mAh Power Bank SEGOD145

    2200mAh power bank that can fully charge your smartphone approximately once. Small and lightweight,...

    $4.71 Each

  4. SEG Cares 2500mAh Power Bank SEGOD150

    2500mAh power bank that can charge your smartphone a little over once. Small and lightweight,...

    $18.57 Each

  5. SEG Cares 32GB Credit Card USB SEGOD340

    32GB credit card USB. Slim and sleek design, makes it easy to carry in your wallet, bag or pocket....

    $6.87 Each

  6. SEG Cares 32GB Oval USB SEGOD334

    32GB oval USB drive. Finished in brushed aluminum. Printed with the SEG Cares logo. Minimum order...

    $6.87 Each

  7. SEG Cares 32GB Swivel USB SEGOD362

    32GB twist USB drive. Printed with the SEG Cares logo. Minimum order quantity: 100 Dispatched...

    $5.26 Each

  8. SEG Cares 32GB USB Can Keyring SEGOD328

    `Quirky 32GB USB keyring styled like a drinks can. Printed with the SEG Cares logo. Minimum order...

    $6.87 Each

  9. SEG Cares 32GB USB Keyring SEGOD323

    32GB push-up USB keyring. Printed with the SEG Cares logo. Minimum order quantity: 100 Dispatched...

    $6.87 Each

  10. SEG Cares 4000mAh Power Bank SEGOD363

    4000mAh power bank can charge a smartphone approximately twice. Slimline design, for easy...

    $8.25 Each

  11. SEG Cares AC Adapter SEGOD294

    This UL Listed Gale 4 Port AC Adapter is the perfect travel piece for anyone who needs to charge...

    $23.89 Each

  12. SEG Cares Bluetooth® Earbuds SEGOD166

    The Hail Storm Bluetooth earbuds connect to most Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, tablets, laptops...

    $14.14 Each

  13. SEG Cares Bluetooth® Speaker SEGOD169

    The compact Ring Series wireless speaker connects wirelessly up to 30 feet away and is compatible...

    $31.87 Each

  14. SEG Cares Brick USB Hub SEGOD178

    Connect your digital devices together, such as an external hard drive to your laptop, via this...

    $4.06 Each

  15. SEG Cares Earbuds SEGOD159

    Music to your ears. These Color Pop Earbuds can be used with any standard audio device featuring a...

    $3.03 Each

  16. SEG Cares Wireless Charging Pad SEGOD295

    Take the hassle out of charging your latest smartphone device. Simply place your Qi enabled...

    $5.84 Each

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